Why Plantation

Plantation Homes’ Energy Efficient Eco Smart Homes

Your home may be the biggest purchase of your lifetime.
Shouldn’t it also be your smartest?

Plantation Homes’ Eco Smart program ensures it’s just that.

The Eco Smart program is a multi-faceted approach to building a comfortable, energy efficient new home that will last for generations. Every aspect of home construction has been considered — from the foundation to the rooftop and everything in between — to ensure a "green" home that leaves a minimal impact on the environment and on your utility bills.

Specifically, the Eco Smart program targets several energy efficiency categories, including overall home energy savings, indoor air quality and resource efficiency. But setting stringent guidelines and building to those standards are not enough; Plantation Homes ensures each home we build is certified for energy-efficiency through third-party inspectors.

The result is a home that is impeccably designed and carefully built, inside and out. Want more details, keep reading. Otherwise, start your new home search now.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Learn more about Plantation’s LEED-certified homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


See why Plantation Homes is the smart choice in Houston for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and resource efficiency. Plantation Homes goes above and beyond building homes that are Environments For Living (EFL) certified.